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The Residence "Historic Arches" is located in the heart of rioni "Sassi" of Matera in the oldest part of the Sasso Caveoso, named so for the large presence of underground caves and caverns (from which the Latin word "cavea") that since the prehistoric age were offered to the inhabitants of this land, shelter and security to become, over the millennia, a unique city in the world.

Here man has tamed nature and has transformed his asperity in splendid strengths, creating a play of light and unique colors, living experience unique in its kind and at the same time a new shape so beautiful from the recognition of world heritage recognized and protected by Unesco.

The structure consists of six large rooms-historical residences-expertly renovated rooms all equipped with private bathroom, air conditioning/heating, minibar, TV,.

Every corner of the hotel tells a history of hundreds of years offering the visitor breathtaking scenery on the heart of the medieval city and the surrounding landscape of the Sassi di Matera.

The style of the interior furnishings, the lights of the large outer Court and the comforts offered evoke a world of refined elegance, a unique atmosphere, great suggestion and fascinating traditions.

Central location-just a short walk from Piazza San Pietro-facilitates visits to all the monuments and sites of historical and cultural value in the city.

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Agli Archi Dimore Storiche
Rione Pianelle
3/6 Sasso Caveoso 75100 MATERA
Tel. 3346111735 - 3287549904 - 3339392986
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